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The Importance Of Protecting The Environment

It is important for us to keep our environment clean. Having a clean and fresh environment not only is good for the planet but it helps us feel better. 

However, even with the development of technology , it is hard for people to find good ways to protect their environment. In their heart, some people like to protect their environment, but, even today, many others are still careless when it comes to green matters. Some people are, unfortunately, still willing to hurt the environment by polluting the air, water, and land. And that’s really sad, because it harms us all as we can all suffer from get ailments because of this pollution.

Cutting down the trees is detrimental to the environment but still we continue to do it. Why?

You may be aware that the number of trees on the planet has been reduced drastically. Indeed, the amount of tress available now is actually not enough to reduce the pollution in the air, especially since the amount of pollution is increasing all the time. So, why do so many people continue to cut down the trees in forest environments? Well, people need money and somewhere to live. We also need food so many trees continue to be cut down to make way for industrial scale farming. They also cut down the trees and use the raw materials for building homes or furniture – all kinds of things. Of course, they can also sell the trees to other countries to obtain money.

The problem is that after cutting the trees, we tend to become greedy and further exploit the forest environment. Instead of replanting trees, we simply decide to use the deforested area to be used as housing or industrial land. Some people believe that having businesses on the land by sacrificing the environment will be able to make lots of money. But, this is quite ironic as the long term problems often wipe out the short term gains When we do something like this, of course there will be consequences that we have to bear, often for hundreds of years.

When the environment gets damaged because of the actions of people, there will be more natural disasters. Today, we are aware that many disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, and land slides which are, naturally very dangerous to people and property alike. The solution to this often lies with us stopping the environmental damage. However, it seems that stopping environment problems is not an easy thing to do.

Still, there are many ways that you can help to protect the environment from further damage. First, you can start to protect the environment around you. So, for example, do not throw away garbage carelessly.

This kind of act is embarrassing and show how careless you are with your environment. Doing simple things, like saving the plastic candy wrappers in your pocket and then throwing them away when you find a trash can is a good habit to get into. This can lead to bigger things. Second, do not do the same things as other people who are careless with their environment. If you find people hurting the environment, you have the right, in fact you have the obligation, to ask them not to do it. But then, the best thing that you can do is not copying their act. It will protect the environment from further danger in the future.

Third, make sure to not do something that can pollute the air, land or water environment. For example give up your expensive and damaging smoking habit. It has two disadvantages. First, it can endanger your health and it can reduce the quality of your air environment.

So, even by doing small things on a daily basis, you can start to help the environment. When it comes to green issues, we all need to do our bit, so why not start today and grow your environmental activism to bigger things. We only have one planet, lets look after it.

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