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The PicoTurbine Company

One of the more crucial issues of the green movement is education. A company named The PicoTurbine Company is attempting to teach our young people. Arguably an effective means to teach children about the value of employing and producing alternative energy is to use the PicoTurbine Company’s kits, books and projects. The aim of PicoTurbine Company products is to get kids to be more active in the environment and that when they become adults, they will become more environmentally conscious. The company has the intent of getting kids to see the need to advance renewable energy sources. In order to have a better future, green energy is the right place to get started.

One of the essential concepts of the PicoTurbine Company is that if you tell somebody something, they are going to forget it. And if you show them, they might remember it. But if you get them involved, they will master it. The company’s kits are created to get children involved through hands-on projects and other learning situations. The company’s specialty is wind energy so they show how to generate heat with the help of a picture wire as the heating element. They have observed that normally reaction of people to wind energy is that it is cold energy, but when they learn that wind can create heat for the home, they are quite astounded.

One other activity of the PicoTurbine Company is to separate the class into different groups of those who have built wind turbines. The entire class then evaluates which ones worked well, which ones needed less wind to create electricity and which ones are the best designed. The company has developed a course of study that they would like for teachers to give to their students. The course of study not just includes wind energy but geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric and solar also.

If we concentrate on advancing alternative energy sources, we can gradually move away from using foreign oil. Using alternative sources of energy is becoming more and more economical. PicoTurbine Company points out that a number of wind parks and solar batteries have become commercial successes. In fact, the cost per-watt for solar cells used to be $1000 when they first came along but now just costs $4 and it is expected to be only $1 by 2015.

One more thing that the PicoTurbine Company is working to teach with the help of their kits is the hidden cost of fossil fuels, in pollution and also the degradation of the environment. Studies have discovered what burning fossil fuels do to our health. Asthma, allergies and increase in cancer are all outcomes of increased dependence on fossil fuels. Our world would be greatly healped with regular use of clean sources of energy. It’s fantastic that the PicoTurbine Company is trying to do everything it can to make it materialize.

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