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What To Do With The Extra Land You Have Around Your Property

If you’ve got extra land around your property but you aren’t sure what to do with it, we have some great news for you; you can earn a profit off that land, doing something that interests you, with a little effort! Excited? We would be too! You could sell certain products, advertise your skills, or offer some kind of service to people; whatever you want to do, there are some things to consider first. You can check this site to get more information about it.

Make a Plan

To make a successful business plan using your extra land, you need to do the following:

  • Know your land inside out – start by drawing a map of your ground, no matter how big or small it is. Download some free graph paper to help you!
  • Write out any skills you have – any skills at all, including dog training, playing an instrument, baking bread, typing fast, etc. You can profit from pretty much anything you know!
  • Include any benefits of living in your area – are there any businesses that already do well in your area? Is there another kind of business that would flourish because of your location?
  • Also, include any limitations you might face because of your area – maybe you live far away from the nearest town; whatever your limitations are, make sure you note them in your plan.
  • Write down where you want to be in the next year, then the next 2 years, then 5, etc – what do you envision for yourself and your family?

This is also a great way to make a plan for your land if you’re looking to buy. The Rivergums has a great selection of land for sale ideal for a growing family!

Once you’ve put together your plan of action, you can then begin to decide what your land will be used for. Read on for some inspiration:

Inspiration for Your Land


You can teach whether you are in the city or country, and what you teach depends on your list of skills. You could teach instruments, languages, horse riding, cooking, self-defense, and so on.

Raise and Sell Small Animals

Is there a particular animal that people like to buy in your area? Are you interested in raising a particular species? Rabbits, rats, hamsters, birds; you could raise and sell any animal you’re interested in that you think would be popular. Make sure your breeding stock is good quality!

Build a Retreat

You could find that as long as you live in an attractive place, no matter how far out, people will be willing to pay a premium price to come and stay with you to get away from their hectic lives.

Start a Zoo or an Educational Farm

If you enjoy looking after small animals, a petting zoo or educational farm could be just the thing for your extra land. You could keep chickens, pigs, goats, ducks, and more – just make sure you keep the area clean and your animals in good health.

These ideas could be just the thing you need to turn your extra land into a profitable business. If you bear in mind that the results won’t be instantaneous and there will be effort required on your part, you should be able to grow your land into a nice little money maker for you and the family!

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