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What Etiquettes You Should Follow While Smoking Cigar?

Smoking has always been one of the main symbols of masculinity and when talking about classic smoking which gives a class-separated image, the majority of male smokers prefer to smoke cigars. 

Cigars not only symbolize masculinity but also act as a de-stressor which also acts as an entertainment disorder. If you are a beginner in the field of cigar smoking then you should buy entry level cigars from a trusted online website. 

  • Many people often resemble smoking cigars with smoking cigarettes, but in reality, there are big differences between them. A good cigar smoker never smokes a cigar completely and does not let the cigar pass through the ribbon because this is not the proper cigar etiquette. 

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  • The most preferred way to smoke a cigar is to smoke in a stopping room with several people to enjoy it fully. Although the friendship in cigar smoking depends entirely on individual preferences, some people like to have it alone and some with friends.

  • Smoking etiquette is also included for not silencing it. An experienced cigar connoisseur never spills it like a cigarette, rather suck it until the ribbon and then throw it into an ashtray where the cigar comes out by itself.

  • Another aspect of etiquette related to cigar smoking is the method of how you hold the cigar. Cigars should not be held like cigarettes, which is between the index finger and middle finger. According to the cigar etiquette, it must be held with the thumb and index finger.

So, before you switch to having a cigar to feel the elegance of smoking, remember all the cigar-smoking etiquette discussed above.

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