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Special Needs For Commercial Carpeting

Carpet floors in commercial buildings must be able to meet demanding performance requirements. These requirements cover human safety, acoustics, durability, air quality, environmental safety, and many others.

In addition, the carpet must be worn for a long time, easy to maintain and not contribute to dazzling work areas and visitors. With so many factors to consider, choosing the right commercial carpet stores in Sydney requires careful analysis of the occupants' needs in terms of building style and usage.

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Step One – Careful Assessment

Unlike a residence, commercial carpet considerations need to consider the fact that people with various physical characteristics will visit and use the building.

For example, people with disabilities or arthritis will walk on the carpet and many will use assistive devices such as canes, walking aids and assistive devices. There may be employees and visitors with respiratory conditions, and carpet or carpet fibers that easily collect dust and dirt will pose a high health risk.

The second consideration is the type of clothing a carpet will get. Facility owners must review human and equipment traffic, and the types of dirt or debris that could potentially be traced into the building. Equipment includes many items on wheels, such as carts, often rolled up in aisles or offices.

In addition, facility planners need to consider the possibility of spills, use of chemicals, moisture from open windows and wet shoes and so on. The third consideration for commercial carpet floors is the type and placement of furniture.

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